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Post by James1011 on Fri Apr 24, 2015 7:17 pm

To get started, pick your difficulty, score system, special mode, and starting item.


A. Boring (0.1 base multiplier, ultra starter item,)
B. Vacation (0.3 base multiplier, super starter item, smooth sailing)
C. Casual (0.5 base multiplier, large starter item, an easy adventure)
D. Easy (0.8 base multiplier, more stuff and less intense)
E. Normal (1.0 base multiplier, the default)
F. Hard (1.5 base multiplier, less stuff and more intense)
G. Expert (2.0 base multiplier, small starter item, a challenge for real people)
H. Insane (3.0 base multiplier, no starter item, unreliable restore, really hard and challenging)
I. Woah There! (4.0 base multiplier, nega starter item, weakened restore, are you sure?)
J. Impossible (6.0 base multiplier, super nega starter item, restore is very rare, you don't want to play this)
J. Seriously?! (8.0 base multiplier, ultra nega starter item, no restore period, you're going to die)

Score System

A. General Score (gain points for everything)
B. Moneyplier (score is money times moneyplier times multiplier)
C. Challenge Mode (Complete challenges for points)
D. Statlegend (Stats and legend points form score)
E. Experienced (Exp and multiplier = score)
F. Feat Points (get points for exceptionally awesome things)
G. Hard Worker (work is score and promotions are multipliers)
H. Partygoer (entertainment and revelry get points)

You have 1 score slot. Unlock the second by winning and the third from the LEGEND shop.

Special Mode

A. None (nothing special, the default, no bonus multiplier)
B. Carbon Fiber Man (no items or money, 1.0 bonus multiplier)
C. Cantrip (can do anything once per rest, -0.2 bonus multiplier)
D. Pale Moon (luck based rolls are rolled twice take worst, 0.7 bonus multiplier)
E. Bright Moon (luck based rolls are rolled twice take best, -0.5 bonus multiplier)
F. Wizard Mode (replaces items with spells and money with mana, 0.5 bonus multiplier)
G. Poorman (Cuts your money, 0.6 bonus multiplier)
H. Richman (Raises your money, -0.4 bonus multiplier)
I. Highspeed (Adventures are much faster, 0.9 bonus multiplier)
J. Gold Man (no stats or legend stuff, 1.2 bonus multiplier)
K. Jinxed (bad things tend to happen to you, 1.0 bonus multiplier)
L. Super Mode (encounters are much much tougher, 3.0 bonus multiplier)
M. Iron Man (no items, money, stats, or legend stuff, 4.0 bonus multiplier)
N. Lucky (good things tend to happen to you, -0.7 bonus multiplier)
O. Legendary (start as a LEGEND, -0.9 bonus multiplier)
P. Super Start (improves your starting item by 1 category, -0.1 bonus multiplier)
Q. Infra Start (worsens your starting item by 1 category, 0.2 bonus multiplier)
R. Iridium Man (no items, money, stats, legend stuff, experience, or abilities, 6.0 bonus multiplier)
S. Cobalt Man (no experience or abilities, 1.5 bonus multiplier)
T. Item Savvy (you know what items do, -0.6 bonus multiplier)
U. Perk Savvy (you know what legend perks do, -0.2 bonus multiplier)
V. Ability Savvy (you know what abilities do, -0.4 bonus multiplier)
W. Money Savvy (you know what the best deals are, -0.5 bonus multiplier)
X. Stat Savvy (you know what stat adjustments things have, -0.7 bonus multiplier)
Y. Experience Savvy (you know what gives the most experience, -0.3 bonus multiplier)
Z. Oblivious (you won't know what items do even after you use them, 1.6 bonus multiplier)
1. Unaware (you won't know your stats or stat changes, 1.2 bonus multiplier)
2. Unknowing (you won't know your experience, 0.4 bonus multiplier)
3. Critical Win (wins are much, much better, -0.6 bonus multiplier)
4. Critical Fail (fails are much, much worse, 1.1 bonus multiplier)
5. Knight's Honor (doing something dishonorable causes bad things to happen, 4.0 bonus multiplier)
6. Paladin (start as a LEGEND, live under a stricter Knight's Honor code, no bonus multiplier)
7. Depletion (the longer you go, the bleaker the world is, 1.5 bonus multiplier)
8. Space (the game is in space, no bonus multiplier)
9. Wizard's Fate (you must spend mana to get spells, money and items are useless, 2.0 bonus multiplier)
0. Barbarian's Fate (you must spend fury to get abilities, experience and legend points are useless, 2.0 bonus multiplier)
~. Random (picks one special mode per rest (including ones unlocked in the session), 2.0 bonus multiplier)
☺. Epic Mode (much more epicness, much more intensity, 1.337 bonus multiplier)

You have 1 mode slot. Unlock more by winning and doing epic feats.

Starting Item

A. Booster Packs
B. Gems
C. Candies
D. Supply Crates
E. Gold Bars
F. Potions
G. Legend Perk
H. Experience Crystals
I. Colored Vis
J. Random Starter Boxes

Actual multiplier is base multiplier multiplied by (1.0 + bonus multiplier).

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